Stories about training, expedition preparations, related mountain adventures... and eventually about the expedition itself

April 29, 2017

The ski criminals

On April 10th, we were on our first of 4 planned camping days in the the Rohtang pass to ski the local peaks as adviced in the book by Spooner “Ski-touring in the Kullu valley”. We wanted to camp at high altitude to get the right acclimatization for the Parvati expedition. After a very tiring day in the mountains we finally got back to the camp and we were looking forward to the well-deserved hot dinner. We saw a group of people walking towards the camp in the snow and we were rather surprised. At first we thought they were tourists but that was strange as we were over 5 h walk from the police road block in Gulaba that does not allow cars to pass over the Rohtang pass as the army was still clearing the road from the snow. We then realized they were in uniform and we got a bit worried. (more…)

April 14, 2017

The Yellow Wonderland

We had the pleasure to experience one of the rare one week-long storms in the driest month in Manali. During these days we did temple visits, saw Old Manali, brought Outi’s camera, which had got soaked by an opened water bottle, to a local electronics genius, ate plenty of paneer tikka masala, aloo ghobi, paranthas, chapatis, and chilled.


One morning felt drier than the previous days, and Marcello’s watch barometer was telling that the pressure was increasing.


April 4, 2017

Arrival and first turns above 4000m

The adventure has started! We are grateful to our main supporters Red Fox Outdoor that provided us with fantastic expedition gear and Katadyn Group, that sponsored us with their Optimus camping stoves and Trek’n eat food. We are also thankful to our partner


After having survived the night at the New Delhi airport, going through the bureaucratic jungle and with no time to sleep, we finally caught the propeller plane that did a magnificent landing in Kullu. (more…)

March 31, 2017

The expedition has started

This is just a quick post. We finally left to India!

In the next couple of days we will reach Manali and, weather allowing, begin touring in the Kullu valley for aclimatization.


February 6, 2017

Interview with #CESTUJEMESPOLU

News of our expeditions have reached eastern Europe! I have recently been in touch with my friend Hana, who runs a very successful travel blog in Slovakia and wanted to interview us to spread the word to her readers.  We are very glad for her interest, and we advise you to have a look at all her adventures (you might need some Google translating but it is definitely worth it). To spare you the automatic translation of  the interview, I publish here the english version.